19 Jul 2010


This a melodrama about Lord Septic, a very wealthy villain who meets his match in the hero, Percy Gatsby. Lord Septic is greedy for more power, money and fame. he is so villanuos that he is capable of committing murder to get what he wants. he owns the railways and is after the Gatsby gold. Crouch, Lord Septic's manservant, is a slimy person who as his name suggests crouches to the demands of Lord Septic. He is a big bully who grovels for his living. Rose is a damsel in distress who makes a living out of selling flowers. She is blind and hopes to have enough money to heal her sight and to look after her sick mother. She meets Percy, the hero who comes to the station and rescues her from Crouch. They fall in love and he rescues her from a bloody death at the railway tracks. Later, Percy learns he is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything.

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  1. salam, i read the synopsis and reviews about the new literary components posted in your blog. i like them all...as an english trainee teacher, this blog is beneficial for me and i expect more in your blog..that's all...tq

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    tq for reading..sori for late reply as i am quite bz with school stuffs..will update later...keep on reading ya!

  3. hi, terima kasih for sharing. another reading material for me to delve into the literature piece. will be tuning in to your blog regularly!!

  4. hi anbau

    tq for reading...
    will update more on literature soon...