4 Okt 2011

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - character

Question : Based on the story that you have read, write about a character who has worked hard to achieve succes.


Based on the story, the Boscombe Valley Mystery, the character who has worked hard to achieve success is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was a detective. He was working hard to solve a murder case in Boscombe pool. He wanted to release James McCarthy from the prison because he believed that James McCarthy was innocent.

In order to save James McCarthy, there are many things he has done. Firstly, he went to Boscombe Pool after receiving a telegram form Alice Turner. Alice told him that the prime suspect, James McCarthy, was innocent. He went there with Dr. Watson. Secondly, when he reached Boscombe Pool, he investigated the crime scene. He found some clues which could be used to save James McCarthy. For example, he found the footsteps, the cigar and even the murder weapon, which was the stone.

Then, he met a few important people to get more information about the case. He met Alice turner in his hotel room. Alice told him again that James was innocent. He also met James in the prison, with the help of Inspector Lestrade. James told him that his father has mentioned something about the murderer before he died. Charles McCarthy said to his son, "raat..." and "cooee..".

Finally, when Sherlock Holmes found out who the real murderer was, he asked John Turner (the murderer) to confess. John Turner went to London to meet Holmes. He wrote a confession letter, admitting that he murdered Charles McCarthy. Sherlock Holmes promised to keep the secret unless if James McCarthy is found guilty murdering his father. At the end of the story, James McCarthy was found not guilty and he was released.

Based on the evidence above, it has proven that Sherlock Holmes is the character who has worked hard to achieve success.

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